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Pebble Beach and Carmel Sightseeing Tours from NLS Limo

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 31, 2020

Here at Nationwide Limousine Service, we understand that 2020 has been a difficult & trying time for everyone, ourselves included. Employees are working from home, children are learning virtually, and with additional COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns seemingly lurking around every corner, many people have been enduring months of isolation with no end in sight. It’s been an incredibly rough situation, to put it mildly, for even the toughest of people. But before the chillier weather kicks in and keeps us indoors even longer, we decided to create an exciting list of things to do in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area so our wonderful residents can safely shake off that coronavirus cabin fever.

It’s no secret that the autumn/fall season is a marvelous time of year in the Bay Area. The crisp, salty breeze is blowing in from the coast, the beautifully-shaded green, red, and brown leaves are falling lightly from their branches, and those wonderfully warm temperatures that we all love so much have finally returned. And since most of us have been stuck inside the entire summer, now is the perfect time to “escape” those confines and put a little sunshine in our lives with a luxury limo, party bus, or classic car rental from Nationwide Limousine Service. Our exceptional selection of vehicles are in complete compliance with CDC guidelines and recommendations regarding COVID-19, and are thoroughly disinfected after each and every fare so you can travel in style without worry. We’ve taken the time today to highlight two of our favorite trips that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

  • Pebble Beach’s 17-Mile Drive – This iconic route around the Monterey Peninsula features some of the most breathtaking coastal views, gorgeous golf courses, and delicious eateries & fine dining establishments throughout the prestigious Pebble Beach area.
  • Monterey and Carmel Sightseeing Tour – A must-take trip in our minds, this sensational sightseeing tour takes visitors along the legendary Pacific coastline via U.S. Highway 1 pit-stopping at those soft sandy beaches and boardwalks, seaside mom-and-pop shops, and local vineyards and wineries that make the cities of Monterey and Carmel so great.

For additional information about our Bay Area sightseeing tours or to speak with one of our qualified reservations specialists, please contact NLS Limo today at (800) 339-8936.

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