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Delicious Dining Destinations in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 31, 2014

One of the trickiest elements of being away from home is trying to find fantastic places to eat. Especially in a city like San Francisco, how can you possibly narrow down your field of options into something at all reasonable? And then how do you know what you’ve chosen will be any good? Obviously there are guides to help figure these things out, but leafing through a 200-page manuscript on San Francisco dining options doesn’t sound like much fun. So, for your benefit, we’ve compiled together a short list of fantastic food options to help you narrow your decision. These run the gamut from high-end to more financially manageable, but all are delicious options.


This landmark is known for its use of seasonal ingredients culled from local famers and other purveyors. Their specialty is defined as Urban Rustic Food, and they cater to an upper-end clientele. Their wine list alone makes a visit worthwhile, and their craft cocktails are a citywide favorite. This restaurant is perfect for those looking to have an extravagant and unforgettable dinner, as well as those looking for an intimate and romantic atmosphere to cap—or open—a beautiful evening for two.


For those interested in a completely unique dining experience, AQ offers California organic vegetables and fruits as well as local meats, cheeses, and seafood all carefully prepared in the timeless French tradition. Similarly to Nopa, AQ also offers a continually changing menu to reflect the current season, however AQ takes this idea one step further: continually changing décor to match the season as well. Currently, their “Winter” motif features cool lighting and braided branches to complement the black cod and winter squash, among other delicacies.

Foreign Cinema

A fairly innovative concept sets this San Francisco restaurant apart from the rest: independent and foreign films being screened while you eat. The menu, focusing on Mediterranean and Californian-based dishes, changes daily, and the films being screened change monthly. Stop by if you are looking for the best in contemporary cinema as well as some of the most mouth-watering dishes in the Bay Area. For those who want to experience the food but not the film, Foreign Cinema also has two indoor seating areas that are more traditional in their execution.


Vegetarians in your party? Then head on over to Greens, one of San Francisco’s most loved vegetarian spots, and one that keeps itself fresh by constantly reinventing its offerings. As well as some of the best meat-free food in the city, diners at Greens will also enjoy some of the best views of the bay that San Francisco has to offer. Greens is also perfect for romantic evenings, brunches, and those who hold a sustained interest in rare and remarkable wines.

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