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NLS Limo Provides Clean and Safe Ground Transportation to Bay Area Airports

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 14, 2020

The world certainly has changed a lot over the course of the past few months. Put on temporary hold are the festivals, movie premieres, street fairs, food cart expositions, conventions, and almost every other activity that would result in 10 or more people gathering in close proximity. For many of us, the only thing to do is stay home, try not to read the news all day long, and practice our baking.

However, many of us are also in a position where our lives can’t slow down or stop in place. Whether it is due to business contacts and contracts or because of important family events or even just because the risk of climbing into a plane and flying to a different city is better than the toll staying in place has on mental health, many of us are still going to be flying – albeit in a much different fashion than before. If you find yourself in this position, you will be well aware that one of the primary questions travelers now face is how to make it to and from the airport as safely as possible.

Fortunately for those of you flying into the Bay Area, NLS Limo is at hand to safely handle all of your airport transportation needs. Over the course of 34 years, we’ve developed a stellar reputation for safe transportation services, and we see no need why the coronavirus pandemic should change this. Instead, it is us who have changed in order to adapt to this new world and continue providing travelers from around the country and the world with first class transportation.

When you step out of the airport and into one of our luxury vehicles from our fleet, you will be climbing into a space that has been thoroughly scrubbed and scoured with CDC-approved cleaning supplies and products. These supplies kill not only the deadly COVID-19 virus, but also anything else that might have been lingering within the car. In addition to our rigorous cleaning protocols, we have made steps to ensure that passengers and our drivers remain a safe distance from one another. Whether you need a limousine, where the passengers and driver sit in a separate cabin from one another, or a corporate sedan, where we have installed plexiglass shields between the front and back seat, NLS Limo remains at the top of its class for safe ground transportation to and from airports in the Bay Area.

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