Corporate Buses

If you are looking for a flexible vehicle for your business needs, a corporate bus is certainly something you should consider. Ranging from an eight passenger van to a fifty-five passenger corporate tour bus, you can find the type of transportation you need for your business. Renting a corporate bus not only creates a professional atmosphere, but allows you to transport a large number of people to many business events.

Professional Atmosphere

Nothing is more unprofessional than several people having to find their own transportation to a business event. It looks unorganized and leaves room for people to not show up or arrive very late. Having everyone involved in your business event arrive in a comfortable, luxurious corporate bus shows that you not only care about efficient time management, but also about the comfort of the people you are dealing with.

At Nationwide Limousine Service, we know that professionalism is important to our customers. To speak with someone about lengths of rentals, or flexible rental rates, please call our friendly and helpful representatives 24 hours a day at (800) 339-8936, fill out our rental form online, or e-mail us at

Transportation for Twenty

Using a corporate bus for your next business event means that you can transport a large number of people all at the same time. Whether you have a small number that would fit in our corporate vans or a large number that would warrant a VIP tour bus sized vehicle, we can accommodate you with whatever you need.

Having a large vehicle where you can transport several people at a time means that you can speak to them all at once. Many of our corporate buses even come with microphones so that you can hold meetings while driving to your destination. You will also arrive on time and save time by leaving together as well.

Perfect for All Kinds of Business Events

Whether it is a corporate sponsored ski trip or a meeting at a different building, there are many reasons to hire a corporate bus. Some of these reasons include:

  • Meetings - Having everyone arrive at a meeting in a different building or city is the perfect way to make a great impression.
  • Company sponsored trips - If your company wants to do something fun for its employees, make sure they can all arrive by renting a corporate bus.
  • Site inspections - Site inspections for large amounts of people can be crowded with several cars or other transportation arrangements. A corporate bus can make your site inspection run more smoothly.
  • Presentations - Want to do a scenic tour while giving a presentation? Then consider a corporate bus for your next presentation and let your audience travel in style.

There are many good reasons to rent a corporate bus. Check out our pages on vans and buses to see more of our great vans, and don't forget to call us about some great deals!

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